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The work on our Adoration Chapel has begun! We are eternally grateful for those who have already donated to this important project. On this page, you will find any and all pictures, news, and updates for the Adoration Chapel.

Originally, the plan was to list our donors in our bulletin once a month, but so many of you pledged your support in the first week, and we quickly realized that wasn't going to be possible - there's simply too many of you to fit!! Instead, we will be listing our donors on our website and in our Church. There will be a book in Church with a list of our donors. That same list will soon appear on this website. Again, we want to thank everybody who has given to this project so far, regardless of how much you've donated. It doesn't matter if you gave $5 or $5,000. Your generosity means the world.



Update: The Chapel windows are COMPLETE and have been installed! Pictures of them can be found below in the photo album. They are beautiful, and we are thrilled with the result! THANK YOU to Cathedral Stained Glass for the incredible job.

Below is a photo album of our chapel. As you can see, work has started, but we have a long ways to go before this space is ready for use. The photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.


St. Joseph Window Installed
Chapel Windows Outside
Chapel Window Installation
Father Smith standing outside the completed Chapel windows
Chapel Window St. Pius
St. Joseph Window Installation
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