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Altar Servers assist the Priest at Mass and other liturgical and devotional celebrations throughout the year. Servers are scheduled for weekend liturgies as well as weddings, funerals, and daily Mass. Male and female students in grades 4 through 12 are welcome to serve. New altar server training is offered in February before Lent.
Contact: 610-272-0402.



The role of a Catechist is to echo Christ. Catechists are instructors who work with the Pastor, Religious Education Moderator, & parents to help educate, form, and enlighten the youth of St. Francis of Assisi in faith, morals and charity, as well as to foster the Gospel teachings in a safe environment for all children.

Who can be a catechist?

Since the role of a catechist is a ministry in which one teaches by example as well as knowledge, a catechist must be an active participating member of the church community and living a sacramental life according to the church norms. Ongoing formation is a must, and is provided through the Archdiocese, so a catechist must be someone who desires to learn and grow personally in faith. All catechists will need to take Safe Environment classes and have background checks for the safety of all children.
We are always looking for men and women to become catechists for the youth of St. Francis of Assisi. Training is available! If you would like to learn more about becoming a catechist, a co-teacher, or a volunteer in Religious Education, please contact Lauren Kibler in the rectory at 610-272-0402 for more information.



Ministers of music lead the congregation in song, either by singing as a cantor or in a choir. Cantors lead the congregation during Mass. Practices are usually once a week. Musical proficiency is required, but a person need not be a virtuoso or a professional.
Contact: Michael Maresca 610-539-7597



Extraordinary Ministers assist the priest and serve the faith community by distributing the consecrated bread and/or wine to parishioners during Mass. Training is required before becoming an Extraordinary Minister. You may choose your Mass time.
Contact: Mary Anders 610-635-9476.



Ministers of God’s Word proclaim the two readings before the Gospel as well as the Intercessions at weekend Masses and on other important occasions. Lectors prepare for the readings ahead of time and should arrive fifteen minutes prior to Mass. You may choose your Mass time and commitment as long as you desire. Anyone from high school age and older who is fully initiated in the Catholic Church may participate.
Contact: Mary Anders 610-635-9476.

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