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In my remarks on Christmas, I mentioned how much our parish has grown and continues to grow. More and more families are calling St. Francis of Assisi home. From where I sit on a Sunday morning, I see more families filling the pews, I see more children registering in our school and daycare center. From where I sit in the confessional, more people are reaching out for God’s forgiveness. From where I sit in my office, more people are registering in the parish, volunteering for different ministries in the parish, and searching for God in their lives. More and more, the people of Norristown are seeing and experiencing the love and mercy of God here at St. Francis of Assisi. What a great way to end the year, but also to enter the new year. In 2024, we have so much to look forward to as a parish. We are still celebrating our Centennial and I encourage all of you to check the Centennial page to stay current on our scheduled events. My hope is that this momentum that we have seen over the last several months of 2023 continues into 2024 and beyond. This can only happen with the devotion and support of our parishioners; old and new. Each of us brings our talents but most importantly, our prayers and devotion to our Lord. It is our love of our Eucharistic Lord that is at the heart of our parish - past, present and future. Let us not walk or even stroll into 2024 but let us run full steam into the next year and chapter of our parish. Let it be driven by our love of the Eucharist and the pursuit of God’s will in our lives here at St. Francis of Assisi. 

SCAM ALERT! Father Smith and the staff at SFA will NEVER contact you via text/email asking for money, gift cards, or any other help. If you receive an email or text from someone claiming to be Father Smith, Deacon Dave, or any other member of the SFA Staff that seems suspicious, block whoever it came from and mark it as junk. We here at SFA will never personally contact a parishioner asking for gift cards or money. If you receive correspondence and you still aren't sure if it's us, call the Rectory at 610-272-0402 and ask!

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