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Welcome to the Pastor's Corner!

                            As I said during the weekend of October 1st, 40 Hours is the most sacred

                            time in the life of a parish. It gives us an opportunity to break away from our

                            usual routine and focus on what is important for us here at St. Francis of

                            Assisi. These past few days, we were blessed to have Fr. Pio Mandato to

                            help us to see that. This beautiful time also coincided with our Patron’s Feast

                            Day on October 4th. All these events were very well attended and truly

                            helped us to solidify our faith in the true presence in the Eucharist. It is that same true presence that ignited the heart of St. Francis to lead the life of poverty and service which has been an example for so many. Now we need to ask ourselves what the next step is. On a national level, the Church has begun the Eucharistic Revival. Some of you were able to attend the Eucharistic Congress that was held at the Our Lady of Czestochowa Shrine in Doylestown. There are also many other scheduled events that will be happening over the next year on a national and diocesan level. As those dates come closer, there will be more information coming out. These are all good things, but what could be a better response to this sacred time within our parish? How do we carry what we have experienced during these events? It doesn’t have to be that complicated of a response. It can be as simple as coming to Mass a few minutes earlier to pray and prepare to receive the Eucharist. It could be staying after Mass a few more minutes to give thanksgiving for the great gift of the Eucharist. Here at St. Francis, we will soon have our own Adoration Chapel where we can spend time with the Eucharist more often. All of these simple responses can help us prepare a better home in our hearts for Jesus in the most intimate way possible. Let us try to reflect in the coming weeks on how we can better live out the lessons we have learned from this most sacred time in the life of our parish.

SCAM ALERT! Father Smith and the staff at SFA will NEVER contact you via text/email asking for money, gift cards, or any other help. If you receive an email or text from someone claiming to be Father Smith, Deacon Dave, or any other member of the SFA Staff that seems suspicious, block whoever it came from and mark it as junk. We here at SFA will never personally contact a parishioner asking for gift cards or money. If you receive correspondence and you still aren't sure if it's us, call the Rectory at 610-272-0402 and ask!

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